Yo Dre, I got something to say!


In honor of the highly anticipated movie release of Straight Out of Compton I am going to do my first tech review on the Wireless Studio Beats.

I have had my Beats for a little while now, the main reason I got them was because my Bose QC25s kinda messed up on me, plus I was tired of the cord. (Will review later)

When you travel comfort and efficiency is a must.  Carrying big bulky items and corded devices can make your trip horrible. Try getting up from a seat and your headphone are wrapped around the armrest. Not fun.

The Studio Wireless beats are a great addition to the “travel go bag”. (will cover that soon) If you are looking for style and comfort search no more. The Studios are ergonomic and surprisingly light weight. The music is very clear and the bass is powerful. Not to overwhelming but just the right blend of everything.

You will pay for all the greatness that is the Studio Wireless beats, be forewarned, but they are a sound investment.


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