Throw it on the Grill

We have all heard of the famous Weber Grill we have in the backyard for family barbecues and cookouts. Well what most people do not know is that those famous grill makers also have restaurants. Yep the Weber Restaurant is where you can find some of the finest actually barbecued and grilled eats.

With the actual Weber factory and headquarters about a mile and a half away, they figured why not. With 4 locations and one more coming soon,  Weber has put a unique spin on the word grill in bar and grill. You walk in and you smell the smoked goods.

The menu is standard American restaurant fare, but when you order something from the grill, watch out. If you have socks on, prepare to have them knocked off.

Had to start with the Fire-Grilled Lemon Garlic Shrimp


Being a Texas boy you will be hard pressed to impress me with BBQ, especially in Chicago. I wanted to see what all the hub bub was about so I ordered the Brisket, and meatloaf. Yeah I know.. Strange combo, but.. Hey.. It worked. The brisket was ok, well it was good. Very tender, but the smoke ring was missing and and they trim off all the fat. Come on brisket lovers, we all know where the true flavor lies. The amazing brisket taste just didn’t jump out at you and say, ” BRISKET IS IN THE HOUSE.” It was more like, Arts & Craftsy Tony Romo or Bad Comedian Eli Manning. Just ok… Now the meatloaf on the other hand was really good. Lots of flavor and they actually smoked it and that created a unique flavor profile all together. It was not the standard Eddie Murphy momma’s welfare meatloaf with all the peppers and onions hanging out all over the place. It was very well seasoned and clean.


If you are looking for a nice break from the traditional chain barbecue joint an you are in Chicago check out the Weber Restaurant.

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