Mr. Bulger I presume

You always hear the term “gritty” when people are referring to movies. Sometimes we fail to understand how that word will be reflected in the film. After watching Black Mass staring Johnny Depp, I know truly know what that word means. Gritty,riveting, and compelling are all words that hold true with this movie. Johnny Depp play the notorious Massachusetts Southey gangster know as James “Whitey” Bulger. This is not your typical Tim Burton, Johnny Depp film. In fact it is refreshing to see Mr. Depp in this diverse role.

Many people have herd the name before, but really didn’t know who he was or what he did. This film paints a very vivid and reviling picture of who Whitey was.

Strong, graphic gangster flick, based off a true story ripped from the headlines of newspapers all across the country. Be ready for some graphic, jaw dropping, head shaking events to unfold in this 122 minute masterpiece.


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