Granite City Baby!

Granite City has some very good food. They are a Brewery that makes several craft and micro brews. They have 34 locations in 14 different states. The winner of 6 separate national restaurant titles, Best Restaurant, Best Brunch, Best Burger and many more.

I had a long day so I  thought I would have one of the signature beers. I started off with the Peel Off. It was a salute to the summer shandys and citrus brews. Real refreshing and actually a little hoppy.  The dinner beer, as I like to call it was The Duke.


The Duke Pale Ale

Nice balance of hops and malt with floral aroma and hints of grapefruit

Style: India Pale Ale
Color: Copper
Body: Medium
Alcohol: 5.2%


The spinach artichoke dip was unique. They used a heavy layer of Parmesan cheese and brie blend. It really brought out the flavor of the dip.



The star of the show was the Braised Bison Short Ribs. The meat was cooked perfectly. It was falling off the bone. The horseradish mashed potatoes were something to come back for. That brings us to the wild mushroom risotto. All the sides and accompaniments worked so well together. You could say there was a harmonic symphony of flavors being conducted in my mouth. Ahhh… Check please.



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