Chip off the old block

Ok. All my reviews are not a fancy swank restaruants. Sometime we just want to know what it tastes like. So I conducted an independent study on the new flavor of Lays Potato (or Pototo) chip contest. Every year I run out and waste over 15 dollars in the name of research, to find out what flavors we will be voting in the upcoming election for 2015 Lays Do Us A Flavor Contest.

This year’s challengers are a cornucopia of mouth flavors.

The first one I tried was the New York Reuben… The first thing I do is open that bag and stick my nose in it to emerse myself in the flavor concept. Stop judging me. This one actually smelled like a hot fresh Reuben.

Second up was the Greektown Gyro: Uh how about GyNO!! I am not a fan of vegetables nor tzatziki sauce and I got a mouth full with that bag. It smelled like the meat of a gyro kinda, but it was all veggies. No go for me.

Third as the West Coast Truffle Fries: Yep… Some chips… Zero zip, no bang, no pow. 😦

And finally was the Southern Biscuits and Gravy: Now these were flavor-full!! You could taste all the components. The rich creaminess of the gravy, the buttery flaky biscuit, and you actually think you are dipping something in gravy. Well done Hailey Green



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