Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

I like my action flicks shaken, not stirred. Mission Impossible provides just that. The right amount of over the top-ness mixed in with some cool semi-realistic action. The movie is actually better than the last one, although the last one did have the amazing Paula “Robin Thicke Is An Idiot” Patton in it so it didn’t matter. I would watch a 9 hour long soap commercial with her in it. Anyway, This movie was one in the franchise where we can all tell that Scientology is actually witchcraft and Tom Cruise is the master un-ageing warlock.  The guy is 53 for crying out loud and he did every last one of his own stunts. He has been drinking the Jackie Chan (61) juice.

If you want action, suspense and some more action this is a must see.

One thought on “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

  1. I concur, fun film. Exactly what Rachel and I wanted. Did you know that stunt of him outside the plane was legit? The plane actually took off with him strapped to it, no CGI. I would not recommend the film to anyone with water anxieties. Cause …dam

    (+2 points for water pun).


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